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Huawei E220 modem on Ubuntu with Dialog HSDPA

Type following command in terminal $ sudo wvdialconf /etc/wvdial.conf $ sudo gedit /etc/wvdial.conf uncomment the ‘ Phone ‘ field and give the phone number as *99***1# and save the file. *Esc ---> shift qw and Enter for save in vim edit ( $ sudo vim /etc/wvdial.conf ) install the following files and add the huawei driver. Drivers $ tar xjvf huawei.tar.bz2 $ cd huawei $ su $ make info continue installation acoding to info file.. Install conection software using following .deb file Software If you want to monitor network usage following package... Package more info: Visit

Java Location API

Here is Example Java Location API example. But work for this want to support Java Location API in UR mobile and inbuilt GPS receiver(I only test with mobile emulator). what is Location API: The Java Location API for J2ME is intended to run on small client devices such as mobile phones.The Location API object model consists of 11 classes and two listener interfaces ( LocationListener and ProximityListener ), all in the javax.microedition.location package. Their design approach uses several standard patterns—Facade, Factory Method, Singleton, and Value Object, and standard JavaBeans-style accessors. Of the 11 classes, two are Exception classes ( LocationException and LandmarkException ) and another four ( AddressInfo , Criteria , Orientation , and QualifiedCoordinates ) are primarily value objects. Many of the properties of these objects may in practice be unavailable, depending on the location-finding technology implementing the API. Still, these properties anticipate likely fu

Java interview ask question

Question: Why Java does not support multiple inheritence ? Answer: Java DOES support multiple inheritance via interface implementation. Question:What is the difference between final, finally and finalize? Answer: o final - declare constant o finally - handles exception o finalize - helps in garbage collection Question: Where and how can you use a private constructor. Answer: Private constructor can be used if you do not want any other class to instanstiate the object , the instantiation is done from a static public method, this method is used when dealing with the factory method pattern when the designer wants only one controller (fatory method ) to create the object. Question: In System.out.println(),what is System,out and println,pls explain? Answer: System is a predefined final class,out is a PrintStream object and println is a built-in overloaded method in the out object. Question: What is meant by "Abstract Interface"? Answer: First, an interf