Unlock Dialog Huawei E220 HSDPA Modem

New Post: How to Unlock Any Huawei Modem

There is simple method to unlock dialog HSDPA modem. then you can use it on Mobitel network also. Because it is very easy to access Internet through Pre-Paid connection.

More Info about Mobitel 3G Daily Delight

Install following firmware and update your Mobile partner software . Then your Mobile Partner software change as Mobile Connect.
Firmware Download

After that create New Connection
Settings --> Network connection Settings --> New

Number : *99***1#
APN and Additional Settings --> APN : www.dialogsl.com

Unlock Document : PDF
Software : Huawei Patch , Hex Editor , QC Mobile Analysis Tool , E220 Unlocker

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Anonymous said…
Nice Article - but how do you enter the mobitel info ? (APN Etc)
APN: mobitel3g

Dial No: *99***1#
El said…
Thanks!. The Huawei Link sends a file 6.5 MB but it's not a exe - how do u invoke it to flash the firmware.
El said…
Sorted it...renamed it as a Zip
When download E220 firmware rename it as e220.zip
Ransara said…
Great work bro..
Anonymous said…
Flashed the Firmware..tried with a Mobitel regular SIM and 3G Sim - but the New Software says "USIM/SIM Card Does not exist or Unavailable"..looks like its still locked (It still works for Dialog)
Anonymous said…
did it, after your instructions followed a few more and located the unlock code, and used it to unlock the unit..now no probs!.
Chandeep said…
at 7:49 Dec 19th someone said "followed a few more and located the unlock code" - what exactly did you do?
Rangana Perera said…
Pls explain how to unlock the e220 modem. I have already install the firmware. Software says "USIM/SIM Card Does not exist or Unavailable".. how to place the unlock code.
Anonymous said…
Hi dude...
Thanks a lot machan..

Superb piece of work...

Thanks you alot machan.. Well done..
Anonymous said…
is there anyways to unlock zte 628 or wm 610?
Aruna Prasanna said…
Flashed the Firmware..tried with a Mobitel regular SIM and 3G Sim - but the New Software says "USIM/SIM Card Does not exist or Unavailable"..looks like its still locked (It still works for Dialog)
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
can you tell me what is the procedure
Unlock first and do the upgrade
Upgrade first & do the unlocking

Please help

vandana serasinghe said…
gr8t. Dialog Modems are cheaper but i prefer Mobitel sim coz longer term Mobitel is cheaper to use. plan on http://mobitel.lk/broadband/broadband.html

i checked it out yesterday. will get dialog modem and use Mobitel SIM.
Yohan Uthpala said…
Thanks....!!!! nise work... ELA ELA

machan mata ube phone no 1ka hari, email 1ka hari mata sms karanawada??? plz machan... 0712409038(yohan)
Anonymous said…
mobitel broadband speed.
can unlock my dialog and get mobitel package. thanks sana
m fais afsal said…
Mobitel broadband page

hopes help you lot
Anonymous said…
@ the end nice work.i don't know how to thank you.so wish you best luck for your future and be on like this.thank you again...
Anonymous said…
what is APN and Dial No for Airtel?
Anonymous said…
macho Airtel postpaid package ekkak use karanawanam (Dialog medem eka unlock karala)settings monawada ??
Anonymous said…
Internet setting for Air Tel Lanka.

APN : airtellive
Dial in Number : *99***1#
Anonymous said…
yooo : Anonymous : thanks dude
Pradeep said…
Thanks a lot my friend.it made a big happy to me.i thougt that modem should give a unlocker for unlock bt did it myself.i dont know how to thank u.perfect work...
Anonymous said…
New Software says "USIM/SIM Card Does not exist or Unavailable"
Yeah, that's exactly what I get too. It looks like my new SIM (the one I've unlocked the E220 for) is a GPRS SIM with only 6 copper pads. The Old Motorola 3G sim has 8 pads.
Anyone know if that matters?
If "USIM/SIM Card Does not exist or Unavailable" message display better check weather Sim Damage(external damage) or Not. Because I had this issue.
Anonymous said…
I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Anonymous said…
I had problem in E170 modem. I have mobitel connection. It always connected 7.2. But i can't have any download speed. only upload speed showing in MP software.

Anonymous said…
Nice Post. I will updated how we unlock all Huwawei modems.

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Mobitel software eka use karala dialog modem eken internet yanna puluwan neda mobitel usim ekak use karala
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