Dialog internet wasted my holiday!

I'm Using Dialog Huwaei E220 modem for internet access. Today(25/12/2009) @ 10.30A.M( around) my connection was interrupted. Then I tried to reestablish it( connect again). But always I got the following error message as Error 620

I tried more than 30 times, but every time I got the same error. But I was able to send SMS through the modem.   :)

Then I connected to internet using my mobile. After that I did contact Dialog Internet Customer Care Service (CHAT). Time was around 6.20 PM.I told them about this issue. They confirmed as my connection is OK. Further they asked  about APN and other things on my dialog connection. I replied them as my APN is www.dialogsl.com and access number is *99***1#. Again they confirmed that my connection need to be worked fine. I was hopeless.

After that I again tried to dial my Huwaei E220, but still I got the same error message. Then I called Dialog Internet Care Service-Technical(Call)- 0777676576.

(Now the time is aroung 6.55PM) After waiting about 10 minutes one technical officer called and I told him about  my connection issue. He asked what is the APN which I am currently using, I replied www.dialogsl.com. After that he instructed me to change the APN to dialogbb and reconnect . It did work!

My Question is,
Why are these people does not inform their customers by sending SMS, before or after doing this kind of changes?

Better to change your new access point in to dialogbb
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