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Secure SMS Android Application

What is Secure SMS? Secure SMS is a Messaging application which provides you a Secure SMS messaging service. You can send and receive Secure SMS via this application. Messages can be sent to a person who has this Secure SMS app and to a person who does not has this app. User can configure application password when application opened in first time. Inbox Inbox will show you, the Messages which received by you from Secure SMS application or from configured number. You can delete inbox message by Context Menu( To show a context menu on long click) . By clicking on each message you can view full message body, sender and sent time.

My First Android Application

What is android:     Android is a Linux based Mobile Operating system, which developed by Google's.   Two weeks ago I published my first Android Application. I called it as Zip/ Postal code Catcher. Why I have used Zip/ Postal ??  Because some countries Use Postal code, and some countries called it as Zip code.Then I named it as Zip/ Postal Code Catcher. Zip/ Postal Code Catcher is a free android application. Application Features : Search Postal codes over 30 countries. If Provided city name does not match, then it will display the nearest matching postal codes.  Using GPS based Postal code search option, you can find the nearest five post-office codes(sorted with air distance) This Application totally based on JSON web service access. In My first release GPS based postal code catching option is not included. But last Thursday, I have added GPS based postal code search option. By the way, currently it is being used by 707 users :)  .  Market Link : https: