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How do I get dates between two dates?

In the following example code I am going to get  dates between two dates. First, I need to convert the date value into milliseconds and increase startup date value from one date. One date in milliseconds equlas to 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000L import java.util.*; public class DateUtil { static final long ONE_DAY = 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000L; public static void main(String[] args) { getDatesBetween("03/23/2011","03/28/2011"); } public static void getDatesBetween(String startDate,String endDate) { long from=Date.parse(startDate); // long value of from date long to=Date.parse(endDate); // long value of to date int x=0; while(from <= to) { x=x+1; System.out.println ("Dates : "+new Date(from)); from += ONE_DAY; } System.out.println ("No of Dates :"+ x); } }

Java Hex Color Code Generator

Last week I got an ideas on a random color generator in Java. One of my friends asked me to implement this logic. Here is my example hexadecimal color code generate logic. public Map hexCodeGenerator(int colorCount){ int maxColorValue = 16777215; // this is decimal value of the "FFFFFF" int devidedvalue = maxColorValue/colorCount; int countValue = 0; HashMap hexColorMap = new HashMap(); for(int a=0; a < colorCount && maxColorValue >= countValue ; a++){ if(a != 0){ countValue+=devidedvalue; hexColorMap.put(a,Integer.toHexString( 0x10000 | countValue).substring(1).toUpperCase()); }else{ hexColorMap.put(a,Integer.toHexString( 0x10000 | countValue).substring(1).toUpperCase()); } } return hexColorMap; } Or You can use Math.random also. Here is example using Math.random public static Map randomCodeGenerator(int colorCount){ HashMap hexColorMap = new HashMap(); for(int a=0;a < colorCount; a++){ String c