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How to Ignore Files or Directories in Subversion

We are facing a common problem when trying to commit some changes to the SVN. That is each time we have to ignore some JAR files, because those JAR files are user run time specific and if they are committed, it would not work on other local runtimes. Here is a pretty simple solution for this problem. We can tell subversion to ignore directories or specific files as follows. Ignore directories or specific files.    svn propedit svn:ignore ./some_path It will ignore all files in the specified directory. Here only wildcard indication is supported, and regular expressions are not supported. Example wildcard supprt:     svn propedit svn:ignore * Example ingnore class files with wildcard:   svn propedit svn:ignore *.class If you are using Eclipse SubEclispe plugin, Right Click file or folder --> Team --> Then click on svn:ignore