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Yield Price Sri Lanka - Android Application

" Yield Price Sri Lanka " is an Android based application which helps users to check Market Price Information using their mobile devices. This application concept is based on person X( will update his name after approvals) and I did slight modifications on the application to support in a low cost infrastructure. Using this " Yield Price Sri Lanka " application, you can check prices of various goods instantly, without going to the market. I am updating price information in Daily & Weekly basis according to the Colombo Manning Market prices. Initial application was developed to support English language only. With current latest version we are supporting English, Tamil and Sinhalese languages. This application will update price information in real time and when describing the application's back-end(server) architecture, it has developed to serve JSON based output with many concurrent requests without blocking any request. Within the mobile Application wh

How to configure WSO2 G-Reg with ELB

When we front WSO2 ELB(Elastic Load Balancer) into WSO2 G-Reg(Governance Registry) node, all the incoming messages will go through ELB node and it will act as a HTTP and HTTPS proxy to GREG node. So when you configure ELB to the GREG front, GREG won't be able to access alone without the ELB.  1. Download WSO2 ELB and WSO2 GREG . Rename the extracted ELB as ELB-HOME and extracted GREG as GREG-HOME. ELB Configuration   2. Go to ELB-HOME/repository/conf/loadbalancer.conf and add the following entry. There can be multiple entries according to the clustering requirements. governance { domains { wso2.governance.domain { min_app_instances 1; hosts; sub_domain mgt; tenant_range *; } } } 3. Update hosts files in nod