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Performance Results - WSO2 Governance Registry - Part 1

Recently I have completed a performance analysis for WSO2 Governance Registry . Here I am publishing some of the results. Zip Upload Thread Pool Size Whats is Zip Upload Thread Pool: When we are uploading ZIP files with WSDLs & Schema's, it hits the ZipWSDLMediaTypeHandler. There we can optimize number of threads which are working on Uploading WSDLs, Schema's and Service creation. Recommended Other Configuration: Increased the timeouts for the UI to 7200000 in axis2_client.xml.  Disabled WSDL and Schema validation in registry.xml.  Disabled registry indexing in registry.xml.  Stopped automatic versioning of resources.  Set the number of maximum active DB connections to 120 and max_connection in to 500 ( MySQL level), and the maximum wait time to 600000.  Set G-Reg memory configurations to 4GB With above configurations , here is test results for different thread upload pool size. Uploaded ZIP file containing 280 WSDLs and 506 Schema files. Time measure