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Performance Results - WSO2 Governance Registry - Part 1

Recently I have completed a performance analysis for WSO2 Governance Registry. Here I am publishing some of the results.

Zip Upload Thread Pool Size

Whats is Zip Upload Thread Pool:

When we are uploading ZIP files with WSDLs & Schema's, it hits the ZipWSDLMediaTypeHandler. There we can optimize number of threads which are working on Uploading WSDLs, Schema's and Service creation.

Recommended Other Configuration:
Increased the timeouts for the UI to 7200000 in axis2_client.xml. Disabled WSDL and Schema validation in registry.xml. Disabled registry indexing in registry.xml. Stopped automatic versioning of resources. Set the number of maximum active DB connections to 120 and max_connection in to 500(MySQL level), and the maximum wait time to 600000. Set G-Reg memory configurations to 4GB With above configurations,here is test results for different thread upload pool size. Uploaded ZIP file containing 280 WSDLs and 506 Schema files. Time measured in Minutes and uploaded zip file …