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Customizing Header and Footer of WSO2 API Manager Store

If you want to customize the header and footer of WSO2 API Manager Store application, this blog post will be explaining how to do that by adding a subtheme.  Adding a Subtheme 1). Navigate to "\repository\deployment\server\jaggeryapps\store\site\themes\fancy\subthemes" directory. 2). Create a directory with the name of your subtheme. Here I am going to create a subtheme called "test" 3). Edit "repository\deployment\server\jaggeryapps\store\site\conf\site.json" file as below. This makes your sub theme as the default theme. "theme" : {         "base" : "fancy",   " subtheme " : "test"     }, Customize Header: As an example, Here I am going to remove theme selection menu item from store header (theme selection will be appearing after user login into the store). 1). Create a directory called "templates" inside your subtheme directory. 2). Copy "template . j