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Test Your Web Service - POX

What is Web Service: "Web Service" is described as a standardized way of communicating and integrating different systems. This communication primarily happens over HTTP. When testing a Web Service, there are multiple tools and options available. With this "Test your Web Service" post, I am going to publish about few approaches to test a Web Service. In the first post, I use POX based approach to test it. Testing Your Web Service using POX: POX( Plain Old XML ) means exchanging plain old XML documents over HTTP, and this is a subset of REST. Here you can parse values to the Web Service as URL query parameters. In this post, I am going to use the Global Weather service available online in below URL. It can be named as the web service URL. Web service URL :  You can see the contract(WSDL) of the test web service by navigating to the below URL: So there you