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WSO2 ESB - How to use filter inside iterate mediator

WSO2 ESB's Iterate mediator plays a very powerful role in the Splitter Enterprise Integration Pattern. Splitter Enterprise Integration Pattern is used when messages contain multiple elements that might have to be processed in different ways. The Splitter breaks out the composite message into a series of individual messages, each containing data related to one item. WSO2 ESB Iterate mediator split the message based on a given expression and process them separately. So think about a use case like you are getting multiple order items and you want to enrich each order item, by calling another endpoint and finally we need to aggregate all the enriched items. There you can use the Iterate mediator and after that aggregate mediator to aggregate all the enriched items. Example: ESB Proxy Service: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <proxy xmlns= "" name= "IteService" transpor