WSO2 EI/ESB Change Backend Response Status Code

With WSO2 Enterprise Integrator or Enterprise Service Bus servers, if you want to change the backend server response code, you can set custom status status code as below:

 <property name="HTTP_SC" scope="axis2" type="STRING" value="403"/>

If you are getting 'HTTP/1.1 202 Accepted' response from your backend, you need to set "SC_ACCEPTED" as false by setting a custom SC_ACCEPTED

Ex:  Receiving 202 from backend and change it to 200

<filter regex="202" source="$axis2:HTTP_SC">
            <property action="remove" name="HTTP_SC" scope="axis2"/>
            <property name="SC_ACCEPTED" scope="axis2" value="false"/>
            <property name="HTTP_SC" scope="axis2" type="STRING" value="200"/>


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