Configurable Governance Artifacts - CURD Operation

Please refer my previous post which explain about Configurable Governance Artifacts in WSO2 Governance Registry.

Once you have added an RXT, it will generate HTML based List and Add view. Also it will be deployed as an Axis2 based service with CRUD operations. For example, when you upload contact.rxt, there will be a Contact Service exposed with CRUD operations. Using provided CRUD operations, external client applications(php, .net,etc) can perform registry operations.

Below is an example CRUD operations provided for Contact RXT which we created in my previous post(RXT Source).
  • addContact - create an artifact in the type Contact .
  • getContact - retrieve an artifact in the type Contact .
  • updateContact - update an artifact in the type Contact .
  • deleteContact - delete an artifact in the type Contact . 
  • getContactArtifactIDs - get all the artifact ID s of artifacts in the type Contact .

To retrieve WSDL of the above service, we need to disable "HideAdminServiceWSDLs" in "carbon.xml" file. After that, you need to restart WSO2 Governance Registry server. Then Contract(WSDL) will be exposed like this: 


Please refer Service Client Example for more details:


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