Sample Application with Google Cloud SQL

Three months ago I was able to participate in one of the Google App Engine based task management project.  However, in that project, I had to face some critical issues in searching as Google Datastore did not support many search options including LIKE search. It is known that searching is one of the essential parts of the enterprise applications.

However, Google introduced Cloud SQL last week and they approved my "Google Cloud SQL" request today (they took 5 days to approve it.:D ). Once they approved, I decided to develop a sample application with Cloud SQL. Gogole Cloud SQL database engine is MySql Version 5.1.59 and database size must be no larger than 10GB. Here I have added option to Test LIKE search. If you need more clarification, feel free to contact me.

Test Application

PS: Added Source Code
Sample Project : 
    Backup Link:

Added on 2011-10-20:

Some people have issue when developing their application because Google currently doesn't support access Google Cloud SQL from outside Google App Engine. there for your local development you need to test with local DataBase(EX: Mysql). After that you when code release to Google App engine it's work fine.

For you local development no need to change the connection URLs.Just need to pass the VM arguments . I think you are using Eclipse IDE.

Go to Run --> Run Configurations
Add the following lines into the your project VM Arguments section.


After that add MySql JDBC driver in to your App Engine SDK/lib/impl folder. Then create DataBase and tables for according to requirement.


libregeek said…
Can you please share the source code of the sample application you developed.
Sample Project code :
Saqib Ali said…
oh only if Google had provided a way to connect to the Google Cloud SQL from outside of the GAE....... i could have used it in my current project :)

i hope Google allows external connections soon.
Check out my example application for Spring Hibernate on Google App Engine with Google Cloud SQL.

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Anonymous said…
Dear Chandana!
I am doing the same thing but i am stuck here to do so.. i want to access my DB instance(created with sql prompt , google cloud sql) via android app. How can i do so please help me.
Your attentions will be highly appreciated as i want to go away this hurdle as soon as possible..
Anonymous said…
I followed that example but when i click on submit button it gives an error as follows :

ERROR : Server Error
The server encountered an error and could not complete your request.
If the problem persist, please report your problem and mention this error message and the query that caused it.

and after this i clicked to report error to the GAE community but i didn't get any suitable answer from that side.
Please help me to solve this problem.
@Nauman Zubair

Can you able to share your App Engine hosted Application.
Anonymous said…
I am doing exactly the same thing as in Documentation please mention your email id here so that i can share it with you..
If you have some free time i wanna chat with you so that we can fix this problem via teamviewer..
"Smiley" KHAN said…
Pls,Give the code of this "Sample Application with Google Cloud SQL"
Anonymous said…
Thanks for mentioning that we have to add the MySQL jar to App Engine SDK/lib/impl. Couldn't find this info anywhere else...
Anonymous said…
Thanks for mentioning that we have to add the MySQL jar to App Engine SDK/lib/impl. Couldn't find this info anywhere else...
Raj said…
good work.. dude..

i am doing a project on cloud outsourcing.. for that i need a cloud database. like cloudsql. so, how can i get that database access permissions for my project?

please tell any solution.
i want to store files, images, text data in that database. and my front end is java(JSP).
@Raja Sekhar A

First You have to create Google Cloud SQl instance using

Then yu can use is an MySQL Database.

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