What is WSO2 Governance Registry

Many SOA governance tools/solutions have not been matured over the years. However, SOA governance tools provided by WSO2 has been improved a lot during the last couple of years.

WSO2 Governance Registry provides enterprises with end-to-end SOA governance, which includes configuration governance, development process governance, design and runtime governance, and life cycle management. This enables IT professionals to streamline application development, testing and deployment processes. The latest WSO2 Governance Registry release (5.0), introduces a host of features to further enhance various aspects of SOA governance.

WSO2 Governance Registry (5.0) release has a new publisher and store user interfaces to publish and consume assets. Asset owners can publish the assets from the Publisher UI and manage the lifecycle of these assets from this UI, while consumers can discover them from the Store UI.

New features of WSO2 Governance Registry:
WSO2 Governance Registry is shipped with newly added features such as, 
  • Rich Enterprice Store based rich publisher and Store, 
  • API Manager 2.0.0 integration, 
  • Dependency Visualization UI, 
  • Multiple lifecycle support, 
  • Out of the box support for Swagger Imports, 
  • Service and Application discovery feature for 3rd party servers, 
  • Graphical diff-view to compare two interrelated assets and new REST based Governance API. 


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