WSO2 Governance Registry: Support for Notification

With WSO2 Governance Registry 5.x releases, now you can send rich email messages when email notification is triggered in WSO2 Governance Registry with the use of email templating support we have added. In the default implementation, administrator or any privileged user can store email templates in “/_system/governance//repository/components/org.wso2.carbon.governance/templates” collection and the template name must be same as the lower case of the event name.

For an example if you want to customize “PublisherResourceUpdated” event, template file should be as: “/_system/governance/repository/components/org.wso2.carbon.governance/templates/publisherresourceupdated.html”.

If you do not want to define event specific email templates, then you can add a template called “default.html”.

By default, $$message$$ message section in email templates will be replaced with the message generated in the event.

How can I plug my own template mechanism and modify the message?

You can override the default implementation by adding a new custom implementation. First, you have to create a Java project. Then you have to implement “NotificationTemplate” interface and override the “populateEmailMessage” method. There you can write your own implementation.

After that, you have to add the compiled JAR file to WSo2 Governance Registry. If it’s an OSGI bundle, please add it to :  <GREG_HOME>/repository/compoments/dropins/ folder Otherwise jar needs to be added to  <GREG_HOME>/repository/compoments/lib/ folder

Finally, you have to add the following configuration to registry.xml file.

   <class>complete class name with package</class>

What are the notification types available in the Store, publisher and Admin Console?

Store: StoreLifeCycleStateChanged,StoreResourceUpdated,
Publisher: PublisherResourceUpdated, PublisherLifeCycleStateChanged,     PublisherCheckListItemUnchecked, PublisherCheckListItemChecked

Admin Console: Please refer this documentation (Adding a Subscription)

Do I need to enable worklist for console subscriptions?

Yes, you have to enable Worklist configuration.(Configuration for Work List)

Does notifications visible in each application?

If you have login access to the Publisher, Store and Admin Console, then you can view notifications from each of those applications. However, some notifications may have customized to fit the context of relevant applications.


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