Manage SOAPAction of the Out Message

 When you are sending a request message to a backend service through WSO2 ESB, there could be some scenarios where you need to remove or change the SOAPAction header value.

Using header mediator and property mediator which are available in WSO2 ESB, we can remove SOAPAction or set it empty.

Set SOAPAction as Empty:
<header name="Action" value=""/>
<property name="SOAPAction" scope="transport" value=""/>

Remove SOAPAction:
<header action="remove" name="Action"/> 
<property action="remove" name="SOAPAction" scope="transport"/>

Modify SOAPAction:

When setting SOAPAction one of the below approches can be used

1) .
<header name="Action" value="fixedAction"/>
<header expression="xpath-expression" name="Action"/>
More Info: Header Mediator

If we need to monitor the messages getting passed between ESB and backend service, we can point TCPMon[1] in between back-end and ESB. Using TCPMon, we can monitor messages and their header information(Including SOAPAction).

Bottom of the TCPMon there is a special control available to view Messages in XML format.


Read more about WSO2 ESB: Enterprise Integration with WSO2 ESB


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